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Ruri Saijo (西條るり) News, Bio and Updates.

Busty Asian Japanese AV porn star Ruri Saijou.

Alias: Ruri Saijoh, Ruri Saijo, Ruri Saijyo.
Birth date: September 7th, 1990.
Measurements: 111cm-57cm-85cm.(44-22-33)
Cup: M (metric).
Height: 155 cm (5'1").
Blood type: O.

Ruri Saijo is a native of Tokyo Japan, was born September 7, 1990 and likes movies and nail art. Now that we have the boring crap out of the way, holly shit, what a body! Ruri Saijoh has an amazing figure with measurements of 44-22-33 and requires a cup size of M to cradle those huge round boobs. This sexy Japanese doll has made several videos with no sex, just stripping, posing and having her tits fondled. Recently, however, Ruri Saijoh has made the move to hardcore AV with Style One Video. Her debut hardcore video, 111 Centimetre New Member No.1 Style M Cups, is a real treat. Ruri holds nothing back sowing us her passionate sexuality without the usual shyness of new performers. The moment a man touches her she begins to shake and tremble in sexual pleasure. Ruri Saijou is very orgasmic and often ejaculates large volumes of fluid when she cums. Her cock sucking ability is better than most and she always looks like she loves having a hard dick in her mouth. Her fucking is just as hot, and you will often see her hips thrusting at the guys cocks as they fuck her tight pussy. But the most interesting thing is the sounds she makes when having sex. Sometimes she sounds like a baby gurgling, like when she has her nipples sucked and licked. As the sex becomes more intense you would swear Ruri is crying, but she obviously loves it. With her fantastic body and high energy fucking Ruri Saijoh is sure to become one of the hottest girls in Hardcore Japanese porn.

Ruri Saijo (西條るり) in Super Big Tits M-cup.
(パイズリMカップ爆乳狭射) SOE-543.

Ruri Saijo (西條るり) in her latest Style One video Super Big Tits M-cup. (パイズリMカップ爆乳狭射) SOE-543.

S1 video’s new busty star Ruri Saijo gets loads of cum splattered all over her in Super Big Tits M-cup (パイズリMカップ爆乳狭射). Ruri Saijo is climbing her way to the top of the Japanese AV industry and its obvious why when you see this video. Her fantastic body and sexual performance are something you just have to see for yourself. We get to see Ruri getting it on with a different guys and some sex toys. There’s also a threesome and the two guys go to work on her good and hard. WATCH IT FREE >>.

Ruri Saijo (西條るり) in Crazy M Girl Addicted to Ecstasy.
(イキ狂い) SOE-527.

Ruri Saijo (西條るり) fucks lots of hard cocks in Crazy M Girl Addicted to Ecstasy. (イキ狂い) SOE-527.

The recent S1 video Crazy M Girl Addicted to Ecstasy (イキ狂い) staring Ruri Saijou is one sexy porn vid. Ruri Saijou looks fantastic in every scene and gives her usual wild performance. Ruri is the perfect porn model with a body that you have to see to believe and an unusual ability to have multiple orgasms in front of a camera. Sometimes you’re not sure if She’s having one orgasm after another or if it’s just one big non-stop cum marathon. Either way Ruri Saijou is a pleasure to watch with her huge M-cup breasts bouncing up and down like mad as she is fucked in every position by numerous guys. One things for sure, Ruri Saijou loves her job. Watch one of her videos and you’ll see for yourself. WATCH IT FREE >>.

Ruri Saijo (西條るり) in Lewd M Cup Man Cannibal.
(淫乱Mカップ男喰い) SOE-512.

Ruri Saijou (西條るり) hardcore sex in Lewd M Cup Man Cannibal. (淫乱Mカップ男喰い) SOE-512.

Busty Japanese AV porn starlet has just released another fine fuck fest with the horny boys at Style One Video. Lewd M Cup Man Cannibal (淫乱Mカップ男喰い) is a sexy video with Ruri giving some sexy blow jobs and a nasty rim job to one lucky guy. Ruri Saijou is taking on The Japanese porn business with great relish and is well on her way to a successful career as one of Japans best busty porn stars. READ MORE >>.

Ruri Saijo stars in 3 Hour Special of M Cup Breast. SOE-496.

Ruri Saijou stars in 3 Hour Special of M Cup Breast. SOE-496.

The latest hardcore video with Ruri Saijou has just been announced by Style No. One Video and it looks like another winner. Ruri Saijou is quickly becoming one of the most sought after AV porn stars in Japan, and it’s no wonder, with her huge rack of tits and energetic screwing style. READ MORE >>

Ruri Saijo hardcore fuck (西條るり) in
111 Centimetr New Member No.1 Style M Cups.
(新人NO.1 STYLE Mカップ111センチ) SOE-462

Ruri Saijou (西條るり) in 111 Centimetre New Member No.1 Style M Cups (新人NO.1 STYLE Mカップ111センチ).

Style One Video has a new big busty play toy. Ruri Saijou (西條るり) has just released her first hardcore fuck video with S1 video and it looks like a winner. But then again how could it be anything else with Ruri Saijou and her huge tits sucking cocks and getting the shit fucked out of her... WATCH IT FOR FREE >>

Ruri Saijou Breast Massage video.

Ruri Saijou video.

Wouldn’t you just love to give sexy Ruri Saijou a breast massage? Imagine sliding your hands over her soft yet firm tits. Stroking them, squeezing them, and gently pinching her big hard nipples. That’s exactly what these two lucky guys get to do. RURI SAIJOU BREAST MASSAGE VIDEO >>.

Ruri Saijou (西條るり) in
M Cup Close Sticky Adhesion Kiss Sex - Bust Explosion Sex.
(Mカップ密着接吻セックス) SOE-478

Ruri Saijou (西條るり) hardcore ing a blow jobs in M Cup Close Sticky Adhesion Kiss Sex (Mカップ密着接吻セックス) SOE-478.

She’s been at it again. Big Tit idol Ruri Saijou just can’t keep her hands off those hard dicks at S1, She can’t keep her hot little pussy off them either. This is her second video for S1 and she gets lots of attention from a group of horny guys. Ruri Saijou drops to her knees to suck some hard cocks sliding her wet lips all over a group of stiff dicks. Ruri drools saliva all over their nut sacks and licks their balls until their ready to cum all over her pretty face. Ruri Saijou is set to become one of the biggest stars in Japanese AV and with performances like this you can see why. WATCH IT FREE >>

Ruri Saijou video.

Ruri Saijou video.

This is a great little video of the awesome Ruri Saijou revealing her fantastic figure. She moves seductively in several different outfits as she gives us a look at her fantastic M cup boobs and 44-22-33 body. More on the RURI SAIJOU VIDEO >>.

Ruri Saijou new updates Ruri Saijou galleries Ruri Saijou videos
Thai bargirl from Thailand.

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  • Busty Japanese porn star Ruri Saijou (西條るり). Ruri Saijou (西條るり)
    Nationality: Japanese.
    Measurements: 44-22-33
    Best features: Huge round tits, Big nipples.
    A popular gravure model for companies such as Bejean known for her huge breasts, Ruri Saijou is now a rising star in the Japanese AV hardcore porn industry with Style One Video. Ruri only stands about 5ft 1in tall and has a slim 22 inch waste and 33 inch hips. But Ruri’s petite frame supports a staggering set of tits measuring 44 inches and an M cup.

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Thai bargirl from Thailand